31 August, 2009

Plants: My housemates.

I was sifting through this blog looking for a photo from a while back, and came across this post. It reminded me of a little story a friend told me the other day about how the inventor of the polygraph also experimented with the machine on his plants, and apparently the needles jumped when he threatened to harm the plants in the same way they jump when one lies. A kinesiological response.

I can dig this, and love my plants. They can be traumatized (by being crushed, or accidently sucked into the vacuum, for example) so it stands to reason they can also be relaxed or excited.

The point is, my plants have grown a lot in 10 months since the photo in the linked post was taken. You can see them in the background here, back in March:

And this was just taken tonight:

The money tree was given to me about three years ago this last week, and it was very small--in a 2 inch pot. The aloe was knocked over by a cat many times in Illinois, and almost didn't make it. They've been with me a long time, and I've taken to getting clippings of various vines and things from around town, and placing them in water to root. I have an avacado pit on my desk at work that's cracking open with a root right now.

I'm simply impressed with how rapidly the two have grown since we (me and plants) arrived in San Diego. I live here, in North Park, with them.

If you don't have loved ones near by, in your home, nor a pet, I hope you have some plants. They're excellent listeners, and are wonderful company. Do you have any? What kind? Where do they thrive best in the house?

22 August, 2009

From the neighborhood...

19 August, 2009

from Cooper Dillon Books

Nate Pritts' The Wonderful Yeare will be the first full-length from Cooper Dillon Books.

Follow him on twitter: @n8pritts & the press @cooperdillon

06 August, 2009

Be a Better Person & Support a Small Press!

Reb Livingston Says:

Like most small presses during these times, No Tell Books' already modest sales have turned dismal. Where the money will come from for publishing future titles is a concern. Past discounts and specials haven't encouraged many sales. So this weekend NTB is offering a free tarot reading or dream interpretation with the purchase of a book. Yes, you read that correctly.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in both a poetry book AND psychic advice, well here are the details:


Hope you're all having a fabulous summer.


02 August, 2009

If you have a Capri...

If you're like my pop, and have decided to do a whole lot of work on a Capri, and are pretty close to getting it on the road, you might find the convertible top to be a bit of a challenge to figure out. If you're like my pop, you're a pretty handy dude, but you might be pretty pissed off at not being able to get that top down.

He did, in the end, figure it out. Shortly there after, he found a lovely little card in the visor. It has detailed instructions about how to get the top down. Here it is:

It gets bigger if you click it.
Hope that helps.

Cracked Slab

In other news, Cracked Slab Books is running a huge special so they can stay alive. Garin Cycholl gives a great reading, and you can get his book from them for about $10 with shipping. Support if you've got the scratch.