07 August, 2014

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There is new stuff going up over at AdamDeutsch.com!
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09 August, 2012

02 May, 2012

We're Growing!

21 April, 2012

Building Stuff


Sorry the blog has kinda fallen off. What's worse, this post isn't even about poetry, nor MGB work.  Been distracted by work things, adopting habits like making bread from scratch and thinking an awful lot about sustainability lately.

Also been living a plastic-free life style, not buying any food, at the very least, that's packed in plastic of any kind.  It's not so easy, but it makes me far more aware of what I'm actually checking out with at the market.  Mostly, we're talking about fruit, veggies, and bulk goods.  I buy meat pretty rarely, but count on the butcher to wrap whatever I'm ordering in paper, which is working out just fine.  Not quite sure why this has happened.  Maybe too many TED talks, or Wendell Berry and home brew mixed with southern California air.  Whatever the case, I'm feeling pretty healthy about it. And thinking about making cheese tomorrow.

This pallet project was sent to me a while back, and I've had a pallet sitting on my balcony ever since, but didn't do anything with it...until today!  The whole tar-paper thing seemed like a bit much, and the pallet didn't actually fit well in the space, so we re-purposed it. Check it out:

Planter box!  
Super stoked.  The next step is to fill it with some soil (on the hunt for local compost) and maybe get a bunch of beets going.  And maybe leaks. or kale. Not sure.  The next project is to start a little compost on the other side of the balcony, and if anyone has any tips on how to do that, I'd love if you sent them over or left them in a comment. 

Here's a quick poem by Wendell Berry from his Collected Poems 1957-1982:

Praying after Eating

I have taken in the light
that quickened eye and leaf.
May my brain be bright with praise
of what I watt, in the brief blaze
of motion and of thought.
May I be worthy of my meat.

08 March, 2012

Because I love you...

02 March, 2012

Come find me in Forklift

22 January, 2012